A Warm Welcome to Overstone Park School

A non-selective independent school registered with DFE and Ofsted for boys and girls aged 0 to 18 years.  

Founded by Corville and Marion Brown in 1983, the school building is an extensive modern one storey building with an eco-friendly timber cladding appearance, over a permanent brick structure, which sits harmoniously in the beautiful country park of Overstone Park, which comprises over 350 acres including a golf course, stables and farmland.

The school owns 12 acres of recreational sports and playing fields. This exclusive setting is ideal for pupils of all ages and abilities. Within its beautiful grounds we offer excellent facilities and resources.  A wealth of historical and educational heritage can be discovered here. Overstone Park School once housed a boarding school for girls which was attended by students from all over the world.  At Overstone Park, we have continued this educational heritage and have   educated thousands of pupils within our school departments:

  • Crèche (0 to 2 years)
  • Nursery (2 to 3 years)
  • Pre-Preparatory (3 to school age)
  • Preparatory (4 to 10 years)
  • High School (10 to 18 years)

We offer the best in education to pupils of all abilities. We are committed to the pursuit excellence and the building of confidence and self-esteem within all of our pupils who we believe are all gifted and talented in their own unique way. In our safe, secure, spacious and adventurous environment, from birth to school age our children are provided with a caring team, a wide range of facilities, equipment and resources to ensure that they are given every  opportunity to develop their unique talents and abilities.

GCSE League Table Results 2014

Overstone Park School – GCSE/BTEC Results 2014

The DfE applies ‘discounting’ to secondary school performance measures which means that when a pupil has taken two or more qualifications with an overlap in curriculum (such as English & English Literature) the performance table only gives credit once for one of the subjects.  Regrettably this has had a negative impact on some of the subjects taken which have been achieved but have not been included on the Performance Tables.  We believe therefore that our pupil’s actual results must be shown.

The number of pupils taking GCSE at Overstone Park School has also been incorrectly recorded and this has had a negative impact on our results.  We are working with the DfE to amend our results to show the actual results achieved which are listed below:-

Subject                                                           A* to C                       A* to G

English                                                                83%                             100%

English Literature                                            67%                             100%

French                                                                84%                             100%

Mathematics                                                     50%                             100%

Science (including Applied Science)            100%                           100%

History                                                                                                     100%

ICT                                                                      100%                           100%

Art & Design                                                     100%                           100%

Sport                                                                  100%                           100%

All pupils have successfully gained access to sixth form departments and colleges and are working towards Level 3 and A Level qualifications.  We wish them every success for the future.