Pre-Preparatory Equipment

  • Building blocks
  • Sand and water trays
  • Texture pictures
  • Small world toys
  • Jigsaws
  • Scooter
  • Tunnels
  • Tents
  • Balls & Hoop
  • Activity folders
  • Cars
  • Bikes
  • Reading books
  • Handwriting books
  • Phonics books
  • Topic folders
  • Book corner
  • Flash cards
  • Foam letters
  • Letter line
  • Teaching clock
  • Maths/Number activity books
  • Shape pictures
  • Counting blocks
  • Number rhymes
  • Number line
  • Mud Kitchen
  • Construction toys
  • Sand and water trays
  • Texture trays
  • Cars and trucks
  • Computer
  • Electronic toys
  • Puzzles
  • Sharing games
  • Dolls house
  • Dressing Up
  • Paint
  • Chalk boards
  • Puppets
  • Instruments
  • Model making materials
  • Balls
  • Climbing frame
  • See-saws
  • Scooter
  • Jigsaws
  • Beads
  • Laces & cards
  • Gated garden set with free flowing activities
  • Ipad Activities

Within our Pre-Preparatory department

All children make progress, they are not left behind. Children’s individual needs are met. Children are treated equally.  We work in partnership with parents and professionals to enhance our children’s chances of success. High teaching, learning and caring standards are met and maintained through good planning, observation and assessment of each child. A secure foundation for future learning is laid.

3 – 4 Years old ‘Woodpeckers

Pupils continue to develop all of the skills listed in the above year. With a wide range of materials and activities, each child’s numeracy and literacy develops rapidly. Children are encouraged to use extended and complex sentences in their spoken language. Secure relations are formed with the staff team who give comfort and guidance.

4 – 5 Years old Reception Group ‘Robins’

Our pupils have a strong sense of their own identity. They respect rules and customs. They show care and are understanding. They have good social skills. Literacy and problem solving, reasoning and numeracy skills are developing successfully. They have experienced a variety of modern technological equipment such as ICT.

They are achieving successfully the early learning goals of:

  • Personal, social and emotional development.
  • Communication & Language
  • Mathematics
  • Understanding of the world
  • Physical development
  • Expressive Art & Design
  • Literacy

Our Daily Routines

Pupils experience a wide range of activities daily. The nursery routine is not regimented, but flexible and adaptable to each pupil’s needs. We are well equipped, well resourced and give our children within all age groups the opportunity to develop to their full potential with a variety of daily activities.

An extensive range of modern educational toys and equipment are used, each designed to make learning constructive, effective and fun.

A sample of the Daily Activities of our pupils aged 2– 3 years

  •  Monday - Doctors & nurses, mega blocks, story time, slides, puzzles, number computer, cars and trucks, float and sink and topic pictures.
  • Tuesday - Home corner (shop), stickle bricks, nursery rhyme books, tunnels, shape sorter, computer, animals, sand letters and chalk boards.
  • Wednesday - Dolls house, duplo, climbing frames, shape pictures, keyboards, toy vehicles, sand & water wheels and topic colouring.
  • ThursdayTelephones, waffle bricks, alphabet books, bikes, counting blocks, alphabet computer, small world bag, wet & dry and menu orders.
  • FridayPuppets, wooden blocks, exploring books, see-saws, number rhymes, electronic toys, dolls and clothes, sand pictures and sand letters.

A sample of the Daily Activities of our pupils aged 3-5 years

  • Monday - News, doctors and nurses, float and sink, investigation/explore, slides, sound books, blocks, story time, cars and trucks, topic drawing and teaching clock.#
  • Tuesday - Song time, shop, sand letters, tunnel, chalk board, animal recognition, head, shoulders, knees and toes, topic painting and maths activity books. 
  • WednesdayDolls house, doctors and nurses, numbers in the water tray, writing activity books, duplo models, flash cards, the farmers in his den, string painting and counting block models.
  • ThursdayNews topic discussion, telephone conversations, wet and dry exploration (textures), bikes, mega blocks, topic folders, information books, action songs, number rhymes, simple sums.
  • FridayTopic discussion, puppet show, sand letters and numbers, tunnels and tents, activity books, building models, reading independently, dolls and clothes, dance, stencils and number books.

Daily Provision and requirements

Food and Beverages – Is provided throughout the day and are healthy and nutritious. These meals are inclusive of the schools fees plan. Children receive a Breakfast, which is made up of healthy cereal, wholemeal toast or fruit, with either fruit juice or milk. Lunch, which comprises of a healthy hot dinner and a sweet, with either water or milk.; and Tea, which comprises of sandwiches with either fresh fruit or yoghurt with an afternoon drink of water or milk.

Food and Beverages for babies who are not weaned – Parents provide milk, food and additional beverages that best suits their baby until they are weaned.  These foods are kept in a fridge throughout the day. Once baby is weaned, all food and beverages are provided by the school and the pre-preparatory school.

  • School Uniform – Basic school uniform is worn by all pupils from the age of  2 years. A uniform list is available.

Personal, Social and Emotional Development

We deliver the six early learning goals to the highest standard and provide our children with the experience and support to develop each of the goals to their full potential.

Our children are enthusiastic and well motivated to learn. They explore new activities and ideas which builds their confidence. They learn to apply themselves through concentration and quiet learning sessions. They develop the emotional skills to show joy and sorrow and to be sympathetic towards others in response to experiences within their environment. They are sensitive to the needs of others. They establish warm, caring attachments. They respect their own culture and the culture of others.  Good conduct is encouraged. Pupils learn the difference between what is wrong and what is right.

Communication & Language

Our children are alert and motivated. They become skilful communicators.

They learn and play in an interesting environment which stimulates them.

We use music, dance and sing rhymes to support language development.


They learn to read and write quickly, linking sounds and letters.

They build the communication skills through drawing, modelling, reading  and writing for different purposes.


They learn to say and use numbers in order. They learn to count and recognise numbers. They learn to use mathematical concepts to solve problems. They learn to use mathematical language. They learn to add, subtract, share and divide. They learn about shape, space, measure and quantities. They use their knowledge to solve mathematical problems.

Understanding of the World

Our children are encouraged to explore and investigate objects and materials. They are encouraged to question how and why things work. They are encouraged to design, construct and make things using a variety of tools. They are encouraged to observe nature and people to see similarities and differences. Their knowledge of ICT is enhanced. Through activities and play they develop a sense of time, past and present and how it relates to their own lives.

They are encouraged to develop a sense of belonging and to find out about their local area. They learn about their own culture and other people’s culture to assist them in understanding a diverse community and to appreciate and celebrate similarities and differences. Children in the Pre-preparatory group venture organised trips where the health and safety is paramount. Visits include Gulliver’s Land theme park, Farms and places of  local interest.

Physical Development

Our children keep fit and healthy through regular exercising. Our children use a wide range of equipment to learn to move safely and with confidence. They are encouraged to explore, climb, run, jump and participate in a variety of sports. They develop an awareness of space for themselves and others and develop a positive sense of well being.

Expressive Art & Design

Our children are encouraged to use a wide range of resources, equipment, objects and materials of different textures to be creative. They are given experiences to encourage them to respond and express themselves with creativity to what they see, smell, touch or feel. They explore ICT, colour, texture, shape and space in two or three dimensional form. Through music and dance, pupils explore movement, sound and how sounds can be repeated through music and songs. They learn to sing nursery rhymes and songs from memory. Through role play they develop their imaginations through stories, imaginative play, dance music, design and art.

Our commitment to our pupils

We are committed to our children because they are all unique. They develop in individual ways, all possess gifts and talents and they are all equal.  Our policy is inclusive, children of all abilities and cultures are valued. We are committed to their health, safety and well being. We are committed to ensure that our children build positive relationships. They experience warm, caring attention and respect from all of their carers.

Their feelings are respected and they are listened to. We work with parents to ensure that the needs of each child is met educationally, socially, emotionally and spiritually. Our children work with a key worker who ensures consistency and continuity daily. To ensure that children and parents feel safe, secure and cared for.

Our children are our priority. Their individual interest, development and learning needs are met daily. They are individually assessed and observed by their key worker who ensures that every opportunity is given so that their needs are met in a rich and varied indoor and outdoor environment.

As pupils develop and mature:

They are encouraged to venture out of their environment on local trips, and vetted visitors are welcomed into their environment to help enhance their knowledge of the wider world, thereby enriching their lives.

We are committed to our children’s learning and development:

  • In their play they learn at their highest level.
  • They learn to play with others.
  • They are given mental and physical challenges.
  • We encourage active learning involving other people, objects, ideas and events engagingly to ensure that children and kept interested and sustained for longer periods.
  • To ensure that children of all abilities have access to all learning goals, to develop creativity and the ability to think critically and ask questions.

Special Educational Needs: Inclusive Education

  • We identify when children require additional support from an early age;
  • Children get individual help at the right time in the right way;
  • Parental involvement is encouraged;
  • Professionals are appointed when a child requires complex additional support;
  • This support is co-ordinated to ensure that learning is effective;
  • Activities are planned to ensure that each child experiences a positive learning journey;
  • A sensitive, caring and respectful attitude is shown to all children


Once you have enrolled your children, you receive an invitation to the Pre-Preparatory School next social event, where your will be able to meet with other  parents. A welcome pack will be provided to you which contains  further information about the requirements of enrolment and other  additional documentation required for commencement of your child’s place here at Overstone Park Pre-Preparatory School. We look forward to a difference in your child’s life.

Joining the Pre-Preparatory Department

We hope that you have enjoyed reading our genuine statements about our Pre-preparatory school.

  • Once you have read the prospectus, please make an appointment to see us in action.
  • Book a morning/afternoon visit for your child.
  • Following discussions about your child’s needs, please complete the enrolment form.
  • Submit this form along with the health form and administration fee.
  • You will receive a welcome pack with further information relating to admission.

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