Overstone Park School was founded in 1983 by Corville and Marion Brown. 

Driven by their desire to create a co-educational school where the gifts and talents of all  pupils are realised.

Three pupils launched the school on the 4th September 1983.

The school is housed in an extensive   single storey building which has a permanent structure with  an eco-friendly and sustainable timber cladding appearance.

The building, fits harmoniously within the 350 acres of  the beautiful countryside of Overstone Park which includes agricultural land, stables and extensive farmland.

It sits in 12 acres of picturesque recreational and sports fields. The whole area is surrounded by stunning trees and greenery, within a  countryside setting that offers an exclusive setting, ideal for children of all ages and  abilities to reach their educational best.

However, the educational ambience of the park still remains and has been continued through the thousands of   children that have been educated her at Overstone Park School within our five departments of Crèche (0-2 years), Nursery (2-3 years), Pre-Preparatory (3-5 years), Preparatory (5-11 years) and High School (11-18 years). - The most popular 2017 spy software applications for the mobile phones.