Preparatory School

The Preparatory School Setting

The Preparatory school is housed in a suite of modern, spacious and bright purpose built rooms which are well resourced. Pupils have access to an ICT Suite, Music Suite,  Library with computers and from Year 5, pupils have access to our Science Suite and further access to indoor sports facilities. A wide range of sports and activities are available to all our pupils.

Pupils are given the opportunity to develop their skills and talents and to reach their potential in each area of the curriculum, in small classes. Through assessments and regular testing, pupils are encouraged to attain high levels in all subject areas.

The Preparatory Classes A Birds Eye View

Reception – Robins (Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum)

Maturing and perched on the branch of knowledge. They are nurtured and taught in a small class to allow them to build and develop, giving them a  firm educational foundation in all subject areas in the National Curriculum

Swallows and Nightingales – Years 1 and 2 (Key Stage One)

Swift at achieving heights in reading, literacy and Mathematics. They are investigative and creative,  as their imaginations have no limits.

Owls One and Two – Years 3 and 4 (Key Stage Two)

Confidence and skills are growing to enhance their learning. Bright and able, they recognise our  subjects are cross-curricular with many harmoniously creating a symphony of good sound work. At the end of Year 4 pupils are wise and strong, reflecting wisdom through good work.

Eagles – Year 5 -  (Key Stage Two)

They attain high levels in all subject areas in preparation for their flight to higher academic challenges.

Goldfinches – Year 6 – (Key Stage Two)

Pupils are serious minded and hard working, well prepared for the tough road ahead. Independent and confident they are able to tackle difficult topics in small ability groups.

Preparatory School Achievements and Rewards

When pupils join the Preparatory school, their join one of four Houses: Oak, Cedar, Willow and Sycamore. Pupils can gain house for their house through good conduct and work both in and out of school. Stars and achievement stickers are also awarded for individual achievement in and out of class.

Each year group is represented by a monitor. Librarians are also appointed and together they make up the Preparatory School Council who represent the Preparatory school. They have a sense of duty and responsibility to all Preparatory pupils, and they are active within the Preparatory School to ensure that the opinions of all Preparatory pupils are voiced within the school.

Pupils are chosen each month for specific achievement within their year groups. This is recorded on our Pupil of the Month Chart which is mounted on the front notice board for parents and guardians to see. Pupils are also rewarded for good conduct and hard work in a special assembly which is held every 6 weeks. Certificates are awarded for good  conduct by form tutors.

An Annual Speech and Prize Giving Day is held to celebrate the achievements of pupils throughout the year. Certificates, trophies and medals are awarded for good conduct and hard work in both academic and extra curricular subjects.

Preparatory School Homework

Pupils in Years 1 to 11 receive homework to reinforce the learning in school and to extend their knowledge through  written, ICT and practical activities. To assist parents, homework  is given on  Tuesdays to be returned the following Monday.

Homework is set for five days, it is sent to include the weekend, this is to allow the completion of homework tasks to be spread out if required. We work hard to ensure that pupils are not  overwhelmed or overloaded by the amount of  homework they receive and a careful balance of homework is important so that social and  family time is not infringed upon.

An example of the Preparatory Homework Timetable for Reception to Year 6

Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
English-Comprehension Religious Studies/Citizenship Geography/History Reading/Spelling
Mathematics Science English-Creative Writing Geography

Joining The Prep School

Pupils progress into the Preparatory School from the Pre-Preparatory Department for current pupils. For new pupils; once the prospectus has been read, parents are invited to view the school in action. Thereafter, a Day Visit is booked for your child to spend the day with their intended class group, where they are assessed by interview and short tests, to assess National Curriculum and current academic levels. Whilst we are a non-selective school, the academic levels of pupils must be assessed to ensure that their individual needs can be met fully. Once an offer of a place is received, parents are expected to complete the enrolment form for their children and submit this to the school office along with the administrative fee as confirmation of your child’s place at the school. Confirmation of receipt of this will then be forwarded to you in writing along with a Welcome Pack with additional information prior to the commencement of your child’s attendance at Overstone Park School.

School Uniform

Basic school uniform is worn by all pupils from the age of  3 years. A uniform list is available.

Boys Girls
Winter Grey Trousers
School Navy Polo T-shirt
V-neck Pullover with logo
Grey Socks
Black Shoes
Navy Blue Coat
Royal Blue Cap and Badge
Navy Pinafore Dress
School Navy Polo T-shirt
V-neck Pullover with logo
Grey Tights
Black Shoes
Navy Blue Coat
Royal Blue Felt Hat and Badge
Summer Grey shorts
School Navy Polo T-shirt
V-neck Pullover with logo
Grey Socks
Black Shoes
Royal Blue Cap and Badge (weather dependent)
Navy Blue Coat (weather dependent)
Summer Dress
Summer Boater and Badge
V-neck Pullover with logo
Grey Socks
Black Shoes
Navy Blue Coat
Navy Blue Coat (weather dependent)

All uniform items can be purchased from our school uniform outfitters -

John Cheatles Ltd

Charles Street & Humberstone Gate Corner, Leicester, LE1 2PJ

Uniform Outfitters days are arranged by the school twice termly between 3.00pm and 6.00pm.

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