Welcome to our Crèche and Nursery Department

Where you will find our Little Ducklings aged 0-2years and our Little Cygnets  aged 2-3 years.

0 to 1 Year Old ‘Little Ducklings’

A caring team with a wide range of equipment and resources ensures that within a sensory environment:

  • Babies become mobile quickly.
  • They become responsive to language through regular communication and interaction with staff members and fellow children.
  • They learn to build secure attachments with long serving staff members.
  • Our environment encourages them to be interested in their environment and stimulate their senses.

18 months – 2 Years old ‘Little Cygnets’

  • An explosion of energy is channelled into a variety of activities to develop physical and creative potential.
  • Children are encouraged to share and understand the feelings of others.
  • To learn and play in a team, which builds confidence.
  • To learn boundaries.
  • To solve problems and to use their imagination to realise their full potential.

2-3 Years Old ‘Little Swans’

  •  Our safe and interesting environment builds curiosity to explore and to be physical.
  • To explore language and communication.
  • To develop social skills.
  • To develop their own characters.
  • To express their needs and feelings non-verbally and verbally.

2 – 3 Years old ‘Swans’

  • In a positive environment with positive adult influence, our children have good role models to follow.
  • English is spoken clearly and precisely by adults, which encourages good precise speaking and listening skills.
  • Our children are encouraged to be independent and helpful  towards their peers and adults.
  • Children are encouraged to be helpful members of their community.
  • Learning is constructive and creative.
  • Using a variety of materials, resources and equipment, children become designers, making models, painting and designing their environment.
  • Through praise and reward they realise their true potential and begin to develop dreams and ambitions through dressing up and imaginative play.
  • Children are given the opportunity to talk and ask questions.
  • In 12 acres they enjoy climbing, walking, running and a variety of sports.
  • Whilst being adventurous, they also learn about danger and the need to use equipment safely.

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